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Oriental Rug Cleaning in Marlton NJ 08053

Marlton NJ residents choose Delaware Valley Carpet Cleaning for their Marlton Oriental Rug Cleaning in the 08053 area.

At Delaware Valley Carpet Cleaning, we know the sensitive care and cleaning that is required to keep your Marlton Oriental rugs looking like the beautiful works of art that they are. But we also know that Oriental rugs tend to attract more dirt than synthetic rugs because the natural fibers are porous. Which is why your Marlton Oriental rugs may require more frequent cleaning than your carpets or other area rugs.

Marlton NJ Oriental Rug Cleaning

There are many types of Oriental rugs, and they're not always made in "the Orient" or Asia. What makes a rug "Oriental" is not where it's made, but how it's made. Oriental rugs are hand woven on a loom, and are made of natural fibers such as wool, cotton or silk. The dyes used in Oriental rugs can be natural (such as those from plants and insects) or synthetic. Since Oriental rugs are not mass-produced, they are more valuable, distinctive, and delicate.

Why Delaware Valley Carpet Cleaning for your Marlton Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Using our natural, safe, certified organic proprietary cleaners that have a low pH factor, the natural fibers of your Oriental rugs are gently cleaned to bring back that beautiful, bright, vibrant look, using a formula that is specific to the fabric of your particular rug. We make sure to test the cleaning solution first. And all of our Oriental rug cleaning occurs right in your Marlton home. There's no need to send your rug out to get cleaned. In fact, Joe Stark, the company owner, handles all the Oriental rug cleaning himself. He's cleaned thousands of Oriental rugs in Marlton NJ and the surrounding 08053 and South Jersey area since 1987.

Contact the professional Marlton Oriental Rug cleaners at Delaware Valley Carpet Cleaning for safe, effective cleaning of your Oriental rugs. And remember, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Learn more about Delaware Valley Carpet Cleaning, and take a look at some of our reviews, including those on Angie's List (where we have been winning Super Service Awards for many consecutive years), and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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